Chat with Microsoft Word docs, PDFs, and more!

November 7, 2023

Fastlane AI

Our powerful AI assistants can now read your Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, code, and more, unlocking new productivity possibilities.

You can try it out for free on Fastlane AI.

Chat with Your Documents Like Never Before

Our document chat feature allows you to have natural conversations with all of your files. Simply upload your document and ask questions to receive summaries, insights, and answers in seconds. Let Fastlane quickly analyze contracts, meeting notes, creative writing, homework, study guides, research papers, and more.

Comprehend Ideas Faster with AI-Generated Summaries

Instead of reading through a lengthy report, ask Fastlane to summarize the key takeaways for you. Or get a high-level overview of a textbook chapter to help guide your studying. Fastlane reduces document analysis time so you can operate more efficiently.

Gain Deeper Insight with Intelligent Q&A

Our AI models can answer complex questions about the content and meaning in your documents. Whether you need key details from an academic paper, want to quiz yourself on study notes, or have a question about a business proposal, Fastlane has you covered.

Plus Support for All Your Other File Types

In addition to Word documents, Fastlane supports PDFs, text files, code, HTML, and more. With our GPT-4 Vision model, you can even ask questions about images you upload. Fastlane is designed for maximum file flexibility so you can chat with many document types.

Elevate Your Productivity in Business, Academia, Research, and More

Save time analyzing contracts, reports, lecture notes, textbooks, research papers, and other documents across a wide range of use cases:

  • Business - Review contracts, analyze reports, summarize meetings
  • Academics - Understand textbooks, organize notes, generate study guides
  • Research - Navigate papers, summarize articles
  • Marketing - Develop content ideas from reports and analyze competitor content

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