Fastlane AI v2.0: New models, search, images, files & more!

October 18, 2023

Fastlane 2.0

AI is transforming the world, empowering people to be more productive than ever before. According to a Stanford and MIT study, AI boosted productivity by 14%—those who use it "will replace those who don't".

That's why today we're announcing Fastlane AI v2.0 to empower you in countless ways to accelerate your productivity and simplify your life:

  • 🦾 No limits (use GPT-4 & other models as much as you want—no setup required)
  • 🤖 12 language models, each with their own skills
  • 🖼️ 3 stunning image models
  • 🔍 9 powerful tools (search, chat with files & more)
  • 🧬 An expert assistant for every need

No limits

Unlike others, we don't believe in putting time limits on how often you can use each AI. All credits on Fastlane can be used to access any model or tool, at any time.

12 powerful AI models

Powerful AI models

Whether you're writing the next great novel, role playing, researching an academic paper, learning a new language, or coding a new app, Fastlane's AIs will help you get there faster. We proudly offer:

  • MythoMax (excellent at characters & roleplaying, unfiltered)
  • OpenAI (excellent at coding, logic, and reasoning using GPT-3.5, GPT-4, 32k context windows, GPT Instruct and more)
  • Anthropic (100k context great for summarizing articles, while also being amazing at writing)
  • and more: Mistral 7B (state-of-the-art for small models), Phind v2 (GPT-4 level at coding), LLaMa and PaLM 2 (great all around), and more on the way!

3 stunning image models

Stunning image models

Whether you're writing stories, creating marketing images, or just creating beautiful works of art, Fastlane can generate, vary and upscale all the images you need. We offer Kandinsky 2.2, Stable Diffusion SDXL, and Alla Prima models at this time with more coming soon!

9 powerful tools

Powerful tools

Fastlane is building the best AI tools on top of the world's best AI models. Here are just a few things you can do:

Browse the internet—with citations—using Bing, Google, or arXiv (scholarly articles)

Browse the internet

Chat with documents, books, code, and more

Chat with documents

  • And more: generate, vary & upscale images, or crawl and scrape websites or PDFs (e.g. to ingest documentation, competitor analysis data, or have it critique your website or résumé).

An expert for every need

Fastlane offers AI assistants that can help you write better, tell stories, plan meals, translate legal documents, be a coding copilot, and more!

AI experts

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